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Comedy [kom-i-dee] noun, plural com·e·dies... 3. the comic element of drama, of literature generally, or of life. Of course it's not the first definition, but it's what gets everyone through the day. Starbuck's doesn't want you to know this.
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I’m gonna’ travel 372 miles the 3rd week of October to perform comedy in remote locations around the State of Wisconsin and, in most locales, 40-50-75 people will show up to enjoy the comedic styling of three road comics that had to drive 189 miles one-way to bring them live entertainment.

Bennett's Road House -Niagara, Wisc.Don’t get me wrong (and I’m NOT complaining), I LOVE those locals and the bars they frequent that ultimately support us in our need to reveal the dark truth or stupid observations or lame one-liners we apply “exclusively” to their unique comment or reaction. But we’ll draw 0.83% of the inhabitants of this Rural Southeastern County (based on 2011 US DHHS statistics) out of their comfortable homes, away from their DirectTV and their flat-screens, and into a rustic watering hole to listen to us. You may not realize this but, THAT’S A HUGE NUMBER!

Milwaukee County, by comparison, is a bit larger than that RSC and yet comedy doesn’t come anywhere close to drawing 0.83% of the population. Oh, sure, when Louis CK or Jerry Seinfeld roll into to town later this month they’ll bring out about  4,700 each on a friday or Saturday night. But 0.83% of Milwaukee County is 7,906 people. If you add up the sum total of ALL the comedy shows taking place Friday, October 5th, you won’t even come close to performing for the remaining 3,206 that are the 0.83%.

Johnny Beehner - ComedianBetween the Comedy Cafe and Jokerz, Karma and Lucky’s, Comedy Sportz and Cali’s Grill Room (which, being in Waukesha County, shouldn’t be included) and the various other small bar shows and night-club gigs that are barely noticed by the population as a whole, the numbers approached will be another fraction of that meager 0.83%. Hell, let’s add Saturday in the mix with a second show at the Cafe (and y’all better go see Beehner!), a CSz matinee and “Bye, Bye Liver-The Milwaukee Drinking Play”, Bonkers at the Potowatomi; still no chance of hitting 7,900 people in this beer-soaked town.

So, what’s up Milwaukee? Is it that it ALWAYS  seems like there’s a comedy show going on so, there’s no imperative – no urgency? Is it all just in our heads and you’re blissfully unaware of the entertainment opportunities clamoring for your support? Is it that your daily lives provide you all the comic relief you need? Is it that parking’s a bitch? PLEASE, TELL US WHAT YOU NEED!

16 and Pregnant

Face it Milwaukee, you’ve become lazy and obtuse. You believe the back-stabbing vitriol of “Maury” or “16 and Pregnant” is to be laughed at, is to be shared like a jovial experience at work the next day, is…comedy.

Damon Millard - C.o.K.Well, save yourself Milwaukee. Take a chance; freak Damon Millard out and pack Karma so full, the jocks and the playa’s get pushed outside to accommodate your demand for quality comedy. Make Johnny Beehner face 227 of you standing shoulder-to-shoulder along the back wall at The Cafe at a Saturday Late Show (I know you’ve got church and the Packer Game – man up!). Be so loud at Jokerz that the strippers upstairs at SILK look down at the floor and wonder just what the HELL is going on down there for a change.

What ever you see, you’ll be talking about it at work Monday morning. Become a 0.83%-er. You’ll thank me later.

A Special Night of Comedy

Milwaukee, Wisc. – On a normal Saturday night, every comic I know wants to be on stage somewhere. Anywhere. But, if they can’t or aren’t, they should be around comedy in some way. Maybe you check out interviews online; maybe you watch a timeless, favorite movie. I believe the highest and best use of this time is to do what we wish, cajole and pray for: support of live comedy.

It’s a popular myth to say there’s limited opportunity for comedy, on a professional level, in a town like Milwaukee. If that’s your view, you’re wrong and lazy. In the last 24 hours I saw nine, NINE comics that changed the lives of the people that paid to see them.

I started the evening at Milwaukee’s Comedy Cafe. Hometown favorite Tom Clark was headlining and brought Mark Schumacher along from LA to feature. My favorite underutilized host Geoff Le Fleur got the near-capacity crowd more than ready but, after ‘Schu’ took his crack at the crowd, the audience received an unexpected surprise.

Comedy veteran and entertainment workhorse Rondell Sheridan had arrived from Iceland. ICELAND. And dropped in to perform for a stunned crowd.


We’ve all heard the stories of performers with big TV credits coming in and taking over a room and ruining the booked headliner’s set. Sheridan has been on Carson (Google it, children), Leno, and Ferguson; starred, guest-starred and directed on too many TV project to list. But, without fanfare or entourage, Sheridan – like a gentleman – went up before Tom Clark, did 15 easy minutes, and hung back with the comics, laughing along with the house as Clark crescendoed into his ‘Memories’ closer.

The night wasn’t over yet as The re-opened Rosebud Cinema Draft House played host the the finals of ElevenElevenPresents MMSCC. Competitors Ryan Mason and Jonah Jurkens brought out their strongest material in a bid for a crowd willing to laugh, though the Rosebud’s love-seat style seating ate much of the audience reaction. Host Ryan Holman, and featured performers Ryan Lowe and Erik Koconis, conspired to give the audience their money’s worth.

So, what did you do with your Saturday night? It’s a question you should be asking every weekend.

ExtempoRadio is dead! LONG LIVE EXTEMPORADIO!!

So, we were welcomed to Jeff Lampton’s world and found ourselves out of a radio show at 8:25PM CST tonight. Seriously, not his fault.

The best part of having a Monday Radio Show is that we’ll be back on the air next week; same time, at a new home, with a new address and a more complete definition of freedom of speech.

Self-destructive and loving it. (I think I saw that on a cat-meme poster.)

Hello world! Well, this was stupid.

Starting a new blog on my birthday, when I’ve got to get to a show 2 hours away, was not so swift.

My birthday wish is: This weblogsite will build itself while I drive to Winneconne! Now, BLOW!!!


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